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Family Real Estate

Broker/Agent Referral Program

We at QP360 Rent appreciate all business opportunities from all sources Real estate Brokers, Real estate Agents, Referral Agents, Residential and Commercial Property Managers. If you know of any owners in need of our QP360 Rent OR families looking for good rental homes in the City Houston area, harris,fortbend County and you have a real estate license (anywhere) we will be most happy to pay you a property management referral fee. Please complete the referral form below and e-mail, fax or mail it to us. We will acknowledge receipt and make immediate contact with your referral prospect.

WE DO NOT LIST AND SELL. We at QP360 Rent manage single-family homes and town homes exclusively. Because we do NOT list and sell homes, local brokers and agents have found us a reliable ally and partner in there efforts to service their customers and clients. Since 1991, when we started to pay referral fee commissions, local brokers and agents have found they can refer us their leasing and management business and know that when their customer or client is done with management or renting, they will get the owners' listing, or the home buyer back. We are not your competitors.

QP360 Rent MAKES YOU LOOK GOOD. We have been managing rental Properties for ourselves, other owners and investors for over 20 years. We are full time property managers. We know the property management business. We make sure that your customers and clients are satisfied. When the client you refer experiences our professionalism and quality service they will thank you. Refer to a specialist...refer your clients and customers to us at QP360 Rent

WE WILL MANAGE YOUR RENTAL INVENTORY. Most Brokers manage rentals because they feel they must in order to get repeat listing and sales from their clients. They must provide full service for their clients and their customers. Now you don't. We will take over your inventory of rentals, pay you a referral fee, give your clients and customers great management service, and when your owner/client is ready to sell, you will get the property back to list and sell. We have done this for other brokers and agents and it works great for the both of us. It really is a win, win.

TIRED OF THE MANAGEMENT HASSELL? WE WILL BUY YOUR MANAGEMENT ACCOUNTS. Tired of the mid-night calls, days in court, want to get out of property management all together? We have bought property management accounts from other property managers and brokers. We have the formulas and plan to make the transition effortless. Any inquiry or discussion will be kept in the strictest confidence. All parties involved will sign a confidentially agreement. This is to protect our current and future business relationship.

Owner signs a management contract for a year, tenant signs a lease. You will receive a referral

fee of Leasing $150.00 Management $100.00 Leasing & Management $300.00 and we get the mid- night calls and headaches AND WHEN the tenant decides to buy or the owner decides to sell…WE CALL YOU! IT'S A WIN FOR YOU AND A WIN FOR US!


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